Thursday, 14 June 2012

Time trialling

Recently, S revealed t me that she has a bucket list, and one of the items on said list is 'Do a Time Trial'. So, not wanting to stand in the way of her do before I die determination (though it nearly was the last thing she did judging by her state at the end)  I suggsted that maybe she could do the Club TT . . . and she rashly agreed. Now, if she knew anything about time trailling she would have chosen to do a 'Flat 10' or even a 'Flat 25', but no, she did our 'Hilly Sporting 16'. What can I say - I did it on a fixed wheel 85" gear . . . bloody nutter.

Anyway, picture show us time trialling the Kelly Bray course I did it in 44:51 and  S got back well under the hour at 57:52, despite nearly stopping to puke all over the road.

I quite enjoy the self-induced misery but S ' . . will NOT be doing another . .' (her words) despite me suggesting that it might be like childbirth and she will forget the pain by next year.

Blue Trees

The blue-netted trees
were being moved; I thought
of blue-rinsed ladies
under the dryer, of Elnetted
seventies perms; the whiff
of when I passed
that woman-only place.