About Velo-Shed

Having enjoyed writing a blog for family and friends as I cycled around France on my summer holidays, it struck me that it might be a good way to share my experience and knowledge about cycling, much of which I have gleaned from reading books, websites and blogs by others over the years. So here you will find an eclectic mix of enthusiasms about cycle-touring, frame building, road racing, time-trialling and equipment that I have used and abused.

About Me

I cycled as a teenager, most of us did. I was the proud owner of a Raleigh Medale, 5-speed racing bike which I took with me to University . . . and that was mostly it for the next 20 years. Then I turned 40, decided that running was causing more harm than help to my suffering knee joints, so took up cycling again. There followed a familiar progression from mountain bike to hybrid to cross bike to carbon racer. I cycled from Land's End to John O'Grosts for charity. Then I joined St Budeaux CC, a cycle club in Plymouth which which has been around for over 100 years, and started doing longer rides and going abroad to watch Le Tour and La Vuelta. I re-discovered steel and branched out into single-speed and fixies which I use for time-trialling. I convinced my wife to go cycle-touring during the summer holidays . . . and so on, you get the idea.

I have a shed out back which holds most of my cycling paraphenalia, and where I go to prepare the next project or big adventure. But I also needed somewhere to record my thoughts; to park my ideas and the bits and pieces of knowledge. I enjoy blogging so the idea of Velo-Shed was born, a place for my entusiasms to reside where they might prove interesting or useful to others.

My day job is a university chemistry lecturer so I am also qualified to advise on molecular orbital theory and the gas laws . . .



Any opinions offered are purely my own so don't take them as a definitive guide. On technical matters I always try to reference source material so you can look it up for yourself and make your own judgement


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